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Survey Says 1 in 5 Americans Admit to No Religious Affiliation

July 20th, 2012
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A recent survey indicates that those who are willing to admit they have no religious affiliation is at the highest level ever recorded: 19%. You’ll notice how carefully I worded that. If we were to add to that number people who are unwilling to admit it, and then add to the number people who say they have some sort of religious affiliation but never attend church, or only rarely attend, that percentage would go much, much higher. I suspect it would be around 65-70%.

Here is a link to the whole story, and to the survey.

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  1. Jonathan Trost
    July 21st, 2012 at 12:17 | #1

    In this often-referened “Christian nation” of America, I wonder what percentage of its citizens (excluding Muslims and Jews) would respond affirmatively to either or both of these 2 statements:

    1) “I know that my Redeemer liveth”; and

    2) “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

    10% would be 31 million. And, my guess is that that number is high.

    And yet, I’ve read that about 70+% of Americans are “theists” in the sense that they believe that there is a God. That’s not to say that they believe “in God”. Rather, many have the concept of an Aristotelean “Divine Mover”, who created and set all in motion, but who ever since has remained disinterested, detached, and uninvolved, and is humored by observing the folly of men.

    Then, too, there are many who speak not of “God”, but of “my Higher Power”, with whom they have a personal relationship. Indeed, he is that person’s God, but only his or hers. He cares about, and is involved in the life of, that person, but that person only. That describes the amazing circumstance among Americans of “the created creating the creator”. Wow!

    So, rather than being a nation with a belief “in God”, we are one of polytheism, with as many gods as there are believers.


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