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Longest and Most Extensive Treatment of Church and Ministry by a Lutheran — Available Now

August 30th, 2012
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I’m happy to announce that Concordia Publishing House has released the second, and last, volume on the subject of the Ministry, by Johann Gerhard, part of the ongoing translation project of his entire Loci Theologici. The two volumes on the ministry, combined with his tome on the Church provide, for the first time, an entire English translation of what is the most extensive discussion of the doctrine of Church and Ministry by a Lutheran theologian. In his great work “Church and Office” C.F.W. Walther wholeheartedly endorses Gerhard when he writes in the introduction to the book:

It was, of course, not our intention to present the doctrines of our church regarding church and office [Kirche und Amt] in their completeness. Whoever desires this will find such a presentation in the larger dogmatic works of the teachers of our church, especially in the master works of Martin Chemnitz and Johann Gerhard.

I highly encourage all serious students of Scripture, and of course, all Lutheran pastors, to have Gerhard in their libraries. You may subscribe to the volumes in the series here. I’ve included information about Gerhard and the Gerhard series below the photo.



Johann Gerhard’s Loci Theologici—Now in English

“Gerhard’s Loci is the greatest doctrinal text in the entire history of Lutheranism. By putting these splendid volumes in the English language, CPH ensures access to the solid teaching of the orthodox Lutheran Church in one of its greatest expressions ever penned. And CPH is virtually the only Lutheran publishing house in the world with the capacity, fidelity, and will to produce such gems!”
-Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, president, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Johann Gerhard (1582–1637) was the premier Lutheran theologian of the baroque period. Now his Loci Theologici is translated in English for the first time in seventeen volumes of Theological Commonplaces.

The Theological Commonplaces series is the most significant theological work of Lutheran orthodoxy after the Reformation and remains a classic of Lutheran theology. With skill and precision, Gerhard sets forth the Christian faith from Scripture in dialogue with the Church Fathers, medieval theology, Luther, and a multitude of contemporary theologians.

Each hardback volume includes:
• the translation of Gerhard’s Loci (originally published from 1610 to 1625)
• a glossary of key theological, rhetorical, and philosophical terms
• a name index
• a Scripture index
• a carefully researched list of works cited, which presents guidance for deciphering the numerous abbreviations of the other titles from which Gerhard quotes.

Become a subscriber to Theological Commonplaces and each new volume of Gerhard’s monumental series will be shipped to you automatically. Currently, volumes are priced at $54.99, but as a subscriber you will pay only $38.49, a 30% savings. Your subscription starts with the newest volume and you will continue to receive each new volume. As an added bonus, subscribers can purchase previously released volumes at the same 30% savings.

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