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The Rifle That Won World War II

September 22nd, 2012
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OK, actually, it should say, “the rifle used by brave men to win World War II” but you get the idea.

It was this rifle that was, arguably, the single tool used by the brave men of the United States Military to defeat worldwide totalitarian states and restore freedom to millions of people around the world.

Nothing but pictures….close ups…slow panning shots….of a WWII era M1 Garand.

This particular Garand was made at Springfield, MA in September 1944, has correct receiver and barrel, was at some point sent to the armory where it received a truly butt ugly stock and mismatched upper forend, in a nice orangy color with a red number painted on the stock.

I know, I know. Garand collector purists will recoil in horror at this, but….

I had it restored/reconditioned by Dean’s Gun Restorations, all new parkerized and wood.

She’s a beauty, take a look. Have any pics or videos of your Garand(s)?

When it comes to military surplus rifles from WWII, in my humble opinion, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that “ping.”

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  1. Pastor Mike Freed
    September 25th, 2012 at 14:48 | #1

    I, too, am a collector of military rifles and also a Lutheran pastor. At this time, I led our congregation away from the ELCA to LCMC, a safer sanctuary until the Holy Spirit moves us to a more confessional Lutheran church body. I have a 1950s Garand that was inspected by Orion 7 Enterprises. They phoned me and said my rifle had never been altered by an arsenal. They wanted to buy it, but I said, “Hey! I just bought it!” Anyway, I also have several Russian rifles, an AR-15, AKS (Chinese pre-ban), Stg 58, M1-A, and others. I will try to get a photo to you of my Garand.

    God bless your blog!

    • September 25th, 2012 at 15:05 | #2

      Great to hear it. Orion 7 did some work for me on one of my Garands.

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