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Church Year Worship Planner: Series C — Get Them While You Can

November 12th, 2012
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We have, as of moments ago when I checked our inventory system, only 148 copies left of our Series C Worship Planner. I highly recommend you wait no longer to order the copies you will need for your congregation and staff. Call 800-325-3040 or order online, by clicking here.

Here is what is contained in the resource:

Thoughtful service planning has never been easier. Designed with both pastor and musician in mind, this comprehensive planning calendar provides resources for the Sundays and principal feasts ofLutheran Service Book Year C, from the First Sunday in Advent (December 2, 2012) through Thanksgiving Day (November 28, 2013). Click here to look inside.

The resources of numerous planning books are brought together under one cover with a two-page spread for each Sunday that features:

• Readings (including Psalm) and synopsis
• Theme of the Day (a big-picture overview of the readings and their connections)
• Hymn of the Day
• Collect of the Day
• Hymn Suggestions for the Readings
• Other Hymn Suggestions
• Calendar of the upcoming week (highlighting feasts, festivals, and commemorations)

Music suggestions:

• Small Choir
• Large Choir
• Children
• Keyboard
• Handbell

Fill-in-the-blank Divine Service outline, including:

• Options within the service
• Hymn selections
• Pre- and post-service music selections
• and more

Several indices are also included to make planning the Church Year even easier:

• Lectionary Summary (Year C)
• Old Testament / First Reading (Year C)
• Psalm (Year C)
• Epistle / Second Reading (Year C)
• Holy Gospel (Year C)
• Hymn of the Day: Arranged by Church Year (Year C)
• Hymn of the Day: Arranged by Hymn Number (Year C)

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