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Happy New Year! Happy Advent!

December 2nd, 2012
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Can’t think of a better way to kick off this new Church Year, than by sharing yet another wonderful treasure from Lutheran hymnody. Enjoy. Thanks to Matthew Carver, for this gem.

Here is Matthew’s translation of “Helft mir Advent jetzt feiren” (Michael Ziegenspeck), translated by Clauder as “Adventus appropinquat…” The German first appeared in the Königsberg Hymnal (1650). The tune is “Helft mir Gotts Güte preisen.”

NOW GLAD the Advent viewing,
Dear children, raise your voice
To hail the year’s renewing,
And let us all rejoice!
For Christ His Advent kept,
When He, the Prince of Glory,
To Salem turned His story,
O’er which He once had wept.

2. Yet did that Advent sadness
That filled our Savior dear,
Fill all the world with gladness
And bring salvation near.
Our Help and Righteousness,
Of whom the prophets chanted
His Passiontide was granted,
To win us heavn’ly bliss.

3. The Advent keep with singing,
No more let Zion groan,
As all, with Salem bringing
Their shouts, their Lord to own,
Hosanna loudly cry;
“Blest be King David’s Scion,
The Lord, who comes to Zion,
Hosanna sing on high!”

4. The King of Grace yet duly
His Advent keeps aright,
And, coming, makes most truly,
Our heart His palace bright.
Through Sacrament and Word:
Lord, let Thy help attend us,
Prosperity now send us,
Forever be our Lord!

5. Soon shall that Advent meet us
When in His glorious shape
The Lord again shall greet us,
And bring our glad escape.
O Bridegroom, dear art Thou!
Come, come, no longer tarry!
For lo, what griefs we carry,
How deep in sorrow bow!

6. But grant us to believe Thee,
And ever ready be
With shouts, Lord, to receive Thee
When we that Advent see.
Let heart and mouth then cry,
Blest be King David’s Scion,
The Lord, who comes to Zion,
Hosanna sing on high!

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2011.

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