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Women Are Not, and Can Not Be, Pastors. Period.

December 22nd, 2013
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women-priests-1Wise words from a fellow Lutheran pastor on the ordination of women … if you would like to read more wonderful Biblical witness on this issue, both from orthodox Lutheran men and women, buy this book:

“The Church has spoken, in unbroken witness for 2,000 years. We can put words into God’s mouth but that does not make Him speak them. We can choose to ignore what He has said and done but that does not unsay or undo it. We can complain to Him about what the clear and unmistakable witness has been over 2,000 years but complaints to God do not change God’s mind. It is for us and our salvation that He has done this. We may not see it or understand it or even resent it but the mystery that is the Holy Trinity is manifest less in explanations than unbroken witness. In the end the reason why women cannot be ordained is Christ, just as Christ is the source and goal of all things, to the glory of the Father and by the power of the Spirit. I do not advocate throwing Bible passages back and forth or raising up obscure words by obscure Christians writers on either side of this issue. It is a lex in search of a ratio for which there is none. It harms us more by giving this whole issue of women’s ordination more play than it should have. It is what it is. It is better for us to trust the Lord and go on from there. BTW I say this not because I particularly like the Lord’s will in this but mine is not to unpack the Lord’s wisdom, instead, to trust it. Period.”

- Pastor Larry Peters (LCMS)

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  1. MeToo
    December 22nd, 2013 at 20:53 | #1

    Sometimes pictures do say a thousand words which help confirm Peters wise words.

  2. December 22nd, 2013 at 21:03 | #2

    What church does she represent – Our Womyn of the Gaudy Rainbow? Sacred Order of Tacky Hats? The mind boggles!

    (I should not laugh and mock, since many are willing to swallow this swill simply because it is politically correct. But she looks like a refugee from a clown convention, and I am amazed at the lunacy many Christians are willing to accept from “progressive” denominations.)

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