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Free Imprinting Offer on Leather Lutheran Study Bibles

May 11th, 2012 Comments off

Don’t miss this opportunity, if you were considering purchasing a leather edition of The Lutheran Study Bible. Leathers editions are on sale now and you can get free imprinting. Here is how. The offer is good through next Monday and you must call our 800 number to place an order, no web orders.

Free Imprinting! Limited Time Offer. 

Make a lasting impact on someone special with The Lutheran Study Bible.

All leather editions are currently on sale; plus, you can receive FREE imprinting through Monday, May 14!


  • Offer is for one free line of imprinting ($4.00 value)
  • Valid on leather editions of The Lutheran Study Bible
  • Valid until May 14, 2012
  • Second line imprint is available for only $2.00 ($5.00 value)

This offer is only available by calling us at 1-800-325-3040. 

Mention promo code GS when ordering.

NOTE: No web orders for this promotion.

Customer Service Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. CST

Basic Black – New Format for Compact Edition of The Lutheran Study Bible

March 29th, 2012 Comments off

Take a look at the “basic black” edition of The Lutheran Study Bible-Compact Edition. It’s now available from Concordia Publishing House, per customer requests. If you don’t know about The Lutheran Study Bible you can learn all about it here. The Lutheran Study Bible is the world’s most popular Lutheran study Bible. You can order a copy of the compact edition here, at this site, which contains additional information about the size of the compact edition. Here are a couple photos of the cover. And here is a sample of the type size. Quick summary of The Lutheran Study Bible’s features:

• 26,500-plus uniquely Lutheran study notes.
• Over 2,000 application notes and prayers for every part of the Bible.
• 80,000 center column cross-references.
• Over 900 cross-references to 120 full or half-page maps, charts, and diagrams.
• 220-plus articles and introductions to biblical books and topics.
• 31,000 concordance entries.
• Insights from early church, medieval and Reformation era church fathers.
• Uses the English Standard Version translation, one of the most precise English translations available.
• Durable Smyth-sewn binding.
• Gold page edges.
• Words of Christ in red.
As always, for the huge size of this image, click on the picture, then click on the image in the next window for the “super size” version.

What Do Older Eyes Think of Think of the Compact Edition of The Lutheran Study Bible?

October 8th, 2011 8 comments


Read the comment we received for yourself…..and then, if you want one, head on over here to get one.


I just wanted to write to let you know how amazingly pleased I am – thrilled, really – with the compact edition of The Lutheran Study Bible I ordered.

I have the regular-sized edition in the hard copy and have the Kindle version as well (which is also great), but really wanted a physical version that I could hold and carry more easily with me. For my every day reading and personal study I have grown to love the NASB, but I like the ESV translation as well and use them side-by-side. The articles and study notes in TLSB are just wonderful. But as someone with over-40 eyes now, I was afraid to order the compact edition. I debated and debated. I actually have trouble reading the regular size version because of some bleed-through, so I was very hesitant to order. But I did, and I am so glad. The Bible text is beautifully easy to read, even without magnifying lenses, and although it’s easier with glasses I can read the notes as well – and I can even make out the footnotes and cross-references if I really try! That’s not a criticism – I need glasses more and more now but can still read this text. And unlike the smaller version of Crossway’s ESV Study Bible, you have included all of the articles and notes and references from the original! That is amazing! And it’s not unmanageably thick, either – it fits very comfortably in hand. And to top it all off, it’s pink! (I know that’s probably a bit controversial with some other customers, but it’s my favourite colour and it is really a beautiful binding.)

All this to say – thank you for this wonderful edition. I was so hesitant to order and afraid it wouldn’t work for me, but as I said I am just thrilled and wanted to let you all know.


Laurel W.

See All Eighteen Available Formats of The Lutheran Study Bible

March 4th, 2011 Comments off

Right here. Take a look-see.


Did You Know That There are EIGHTEEN Different Formats of The Lutheran Study Bible?

March 1st, 2011 6 comments

Yes, you read that correctly. There are EIGHTEEN different editions/formats of The Lutheran Study Bible. Same great content, eighteen ways to get it. There are fifteen different print formats and three digital formats. Read all about them here and take advantage of special sale pricing on many of them, during CPH’s Spring Catalog sale, where you can receive free shipping on any order for $75 or more on items ordered from the Spring Catalog. Read all about the various TLSB formats here.

First Look at The Lutheran Study Bible: The Royal Blue and Black Edition (Video)

October 26th, 2010 3 comments

Here’s a first look at the royal blue and black version of the Compact Edition of The Lutheran Study Bible.

First Look at the Compact Edition of The Lutheran Study Bible (Video)

October 19th, 2010 9 comments

Learn the Ins and Outs of The Lutheran Study Bible

October 15th, 2010 Comments off

As you may already know, to celebrate The Lutheran Study Bible’s first birthday, Concordia Publishing House (CPH) is sending out guides, tips, and tools to help educate you on all the particulars of TLSB.

This week, we’d like to share why The Lutheran Study Bible has more to offer than other Bibles. Check out this handy chart that details some of the differences between TLSB and eight other Bibles and shows the unique and rich features of our newest study Bible.

Where other study Bibles stop, ours provides tools and features that you will greatly appreciate. Order your copy of The Lutheran Study Bible for just $34.99 at or by calling 1-800-325-3040.

New Compact Editions of The Lutheran Study Bible: A First Look

October 5th, 2010 13 comments

The Concordia Publishing House Fall Bible promotional campaign continues and featured in this effort are two new editions of The Lutheran Study Bible: compact editions, with two different styles of cover. What is a “compact edition” of The Lutheran Study Bible? It is an exact duplicate of The Lutheran Study Bible, only in smaller print and a smaller size. They are both 5.25″ x 7.25, weigh 2.75 pounds, and are set in 6 – 8 point type. The cover material is rather unique. It looks and even feels like leather, but it is not. It is actually more durable stuff. It is a synthetic material that allows a lot of custom design work to be done on it. Here are photos of the two compact editions. Which you can order now, in royal blue/black and in chocolate/pink. We anticipate receiving copies here in mid-November. These photos were taken of the actual covers that will be on them, sent to us for review by the printer. You can see the full size image by clicking on the images below, a new window pops up, then click on the photo again to get the full-size version.

Things You Need to Know About The Lutheran Study Bible (and Why, If You Don’t Own One, You Should!)

September 14th, 2010 2 comments

It’s been a little over one year since The Lutheran Study Bible first showed up here at Concordia Publishing House and started showing up on doorsteps, and in mail boxes, around the country. Since then we have sold more copies of The Lutheran Study Bible, in only one year, than the previous study Bible we released, sold in four years. We are about to go over 100,000 copies sold. It has been hailed by users and reviewers as the finest study Bible available today in the English language. To say that it exceeded our expectations and the expectations of our customers and its users would be quite an understatement.

The Concordia Publishing House Fall Bible promotion is underway and here’s a word of encouragement to you to take advantage of the pricing on The Lutheran Study Bible. You can place your orders here.

Do you want to learn how to use it? We have a free study guide for you.

Do you want to learn what’s in it? We’ve got a slew of samples for you to download.

Do you want to learn how it compares to other study Bible? We’ve got a chart for you.

Do you want to know what The Lutheran Study Bible’s main features are? We’ve got an explanation for you.

Do you want to learn the top 12 reasons to buy and use The Lutheran Study Bible? We’ve got those for you.

Do you want materials to help you promote The Lutheran Study Bible to your congregation? We’ve a bulletin insert, a newsletter page and a sign-up poster, for you.

Do you want to know why you should buy The Lutheran Study Bible even if you already own the Concordia Self-Study Bible? We’ve got the reasons for you.

Do you have questions about The Lutheran Study Bible? We’ve got answers.

Do you want to see how the larger print edition compares to the regular print edition? We’ve got a comparison for you.

Do you want digital editions of The Lutheran Study Bible? We have several options for you.

Do you want to listen to a series of great podcasts about The Lutheran Study Bible? We have several podcasts for you.

Do you want to watch some promotional videos about The Lutheran Study Bible? We have videos for you.

What are people saying about The Lutheran Study Bible? Here are just a few of the many the comments we have heard:

TLSB is the best study Bible I’ve yet to see. It’s many times better than the older Concordia Self-Study Bible. So if you have the CSSB, don’t settle for second-best. Despite my few reservations, buy TLSB. It’s the best study Bible in print. But even more importantly, read it and use it!

This is a great Study Bible, even for a non-Lutheran like me . . . I recommend that all non-Lutherans consider getting this Lutheran Study Bible as a second Study Bible.

It exceeded my expectations and has since become my primary / preferred Study Bible. In some aspects, it is unlike any of the other Study Bibles that I have in my collection.

What I appreciate most is that it offers help whether you’re a person opening a Bible for the first time or someone finishing their PhD in Theology. I appreciate the explanation and defense of Confessional Lutheran positions, and the Law/Gospel prayers are very useful; we have been using all of these in our Bible studies and I use the TLSB extensively in my private worship. This Bible will truly have something for everyone who will honestly examine the Scriptures.

The contents are phenomenal, the study helps robust and accessible, the translation strong, the commentary solidly from a confessional Lutheran perspective (with high regard for the text, innerency, tradition, etc.,) and the front/back matter are very helpful. I am unaware of a study Bible of this calibre anywhere on the market in English.

LOGOS edition of The Lutheran Study Bible Now Available via LOGOS’ iPhone App

May 20th, 2010 14 comments

This morning I installed the LOGOS iPhone/iTouch/iPad app on my iPad and was delighted to see, as I loaded the various volumes in my LOGOS library, that LOGOS has “flipped the switch” on The Lutheran Study Bible to make it viewable via the LOGOS app. It is fantastic! To use this functionality you have to have purchased one of the new LOGOS 4.0 packages, or upgrade your system software. Please consult with LOGOS for technical support on this if you don’t know how to get this working on your iPhone/iTouch or iPad. Here’s the tech support number: 1-800-875-6467.

Here are three screen shots from my iPad, in vertical display mode and horizontal display mode. There are three pictures: (1) The TLSB showing the LOGOS App controls showing; (2) How it looks in vertical read mode; (3) And then horizontally displayed. You can click through on the image to the super-sized version of the screen. Click on the picture, go to the next page, click on it again, and voila.

TLSB in the LOGOS App, with App controls displayed

TLSB in Logos App, vertical view

TLSB in Logos App, horizontal view

So, now I can read and use The Lutheran Study Bible on:

  • My desktop computer
  • My laptop computer
  • My iPhone
  • My iTouch
  • My iPad
  • My Kindle

How and on what devices can you read/use The Lutheran Study Bible?

You can read The Lutheran Study Bible Kindle edition, via the Kindle app on:

  • All Apple computers and smart phones and iPads.
  • All PC computers/laptops/netbooks.
  • All Blackberries
  • The Amazon Kindle Android app is on the way.

You can read The Lutheran Study Bible LOGOS edition:

  • All Apple computers, iPhone/iTouch/iPad.
  • All PC computers.

The DRM e-Pub version of The Lutheran Study Bible is coming soon.

The iBookstore version of The Lutheran Study Bible is coming soon.

Oh, yes, the other option you have for reading/using The Lutheran Study Bible is by reading the actual book. If you want to get all old school about it.

The Lutheran Study Bible in LOGOS Format is Now Available!

April 13th, 2010 10 comments

This is a great week for digital editions of The Lutheran Study Bible. First, on Sunday the Kindle edition of TLSB went live, and now, today, as promised, we now have ready for purchase, The Lutheran Study Bible: LOGOS Edition on CD ROM.

LOGOS software users already know how great this software is for study purposes. First time LOGOS users will discover how LOGOS gives you great access to reading around, and in, and carefully studying on your computer or iPhone The Lutheran Study Bible. Let me describe what The LOGOS edition of The Lutheran Study Bible offers you. The price is $34.99 and it is available directly from CPH.

You receive all the study notes of The Lutheran Study Bible and a complete copy of the ESV Bible, in LOGOS format, quite a value when you consider how much the ESV Bible alone costs in LOGOS format, $40 bucks. With these two resources installed on your computer, you can open up two windows and have the Bible text in one window, TLSB study notes in another window, and the windows “track” together as you move around in either the Bible text, or the study notes. Plus, if you have additional collections and volumes from CPH in Logos format, such as Luther’s Works, the Book of Concord, the Concordia Commentary series, the massive collection of resources in the Concordia Electronic Theological Library, you can use the TLSB notes and search around in all these other resources, and any other LOGOS edition books you have installed on your computer! It’s really cool stuff. I had a great time exploring and browsing.

The Lutheran Study Bible on CD-ROM includes:

A powerful search engine
Lighting fast search results
Note taking capabilities
Custom toolbars and menus
Navigation aids
Context-sensitive menus
and also includes the ESV Bible text, a $39.99 value

Whether you are an experienced LOGOS user, or new to LOGOS,I encourage you to consider this for use on your computer.

Any current PC platform can use TLSB: Logos Edition, out of the box. Mac users need to have purchased, and installed, the Mac version of the LOGOS engine, or they can use the PC native version under emulation on their Macs. [I still prefer using LOGOS in its PC native format. It works like a charm on my older Intel based iMac under Parallels].

After getting literally countless individual e-mail queries, and countless blog, Facebook and Twitter questions on this, I’m probably more happy than anyone that this now out and you can finally get it. Enjoy, and God bless!

First Sighting of The Lutheran Study Bible on the iPhone

April 11th, 2010 7 comments

I downloaded the Kindle version of The Lutheran Study Bible to my iPhone, using the Kindle iPhone app, and this is what it looks like.

Concordia Publishing House’s 100th E-Book: The Lutheran Study Bible

April 11th, 2010 14 comments

I’m pleased to announce that The Lutheran Study Bible is now avaialble as an e-book in Amazon Kindle format, it is our 100th E-Book title and we are just getting started. The price for the Kindle edition of TLSB is under $20. It provides you the complete text of the English Standard Version of the Bible, as well as all the study footnotes in TLSB. Check it out on Amazon’s Kindle site!

Remember: You can read Kindle files on: the Kindle e-reader itself, any iPhone, or Mac or PC desktop or laptop or notebook, and the Apple iPad, and the Blackberry. Why? Amazon has released Kindle software in all these formats, for these platforms. You don’t have to have an actual Kindle to read Amazon Kindle e-books.

Besides being our 100th E-Book title, it is also the first, and only, Lutheran study Bible available via this format, in any language, from any publisher, anywhere. Yes, I’m proud. Forgive me, but…hey, it is exciting.

TLSB is also available now in Mobipocket format, and soon in e-Pub (DRM protected). TLSB will also be available in Apple iBookstore, we hope, by the end of May. The LOGOS version of TLSB will be available by the end of April, if not sooner.

Here’s a screenshot of the Kindle version of The Lutheran Study Bible, on my Mac desktop.

How Has The Lutheran Study Bible Made a Difference in Your Life?

April 8th, 2010 2 comments

Concordia Publishing House is seeking stories from people of all walks of life. Whether you’re a high school student, DCE, Pastor, father, mother, teacher, or Bible study leader, we want to hear from you.

Tell us how a particular feature of  The Lutheran Study Bible (TLSB) made an impact in your life and helped you or someone you know grow in God’s Word.

Send your testimonials in 250 words or less to for the chance to win a complimentary TLSB  and to be featured in our eNews. Happy Sharing!