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November 23rd, 2008 5 comments

NOTICE: If you are under the age of thirty, or already on Facebook, please disregard this post and forgive what will sound to you like old people talking about their gout.

If you are not on Facebook, you should be. Yes, you. You who have heard of Facebook but have said, "What's that?" or "Nah, just one more stupid thing to keep track of." Yes, you, you who are reading this and are probably not on Facebook, therefore proving you are over the age of thirty or a helpless Luddite, and probably both. And if you are reading this and you are on Facebook and do not know what a "Luddite" is, then shut the computer off and go read some books for a change, you young pup you. Or you could just click the hyperlink and avoid books. Sigh.

As far as I can tell after being on it now for quite a while, it is the communication medium of choice for anyone under the age of thirty. It is a "one stop shop" for chatting, messaging, sharing photos, etc. etc. etc. Yes, like everything on the Internet it can be a big time waster, but it is also very useful. It is the way I stay in touch with my two away-from-home children. So, check it out and if you are not on it already, and once you get signed up (it is free), look me up.

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Find Where Your Name Is

September 18th, 2008 2 comments

This is a really cool site that allows you to enter your last name and identify where in the world that name is most frequently located. McCain? Mostly in the USA, but …. in Ireland? Yup, Northern Ireland. I should have guessed.

Picture 3

And my mother's name? Geipel? [She is first generation American, me? Second, on my mom's side.] Yup…LutherLand, most commonly found in Saxony, Saxon-Anhalt and Thuringia. Figures. A combination of Northern Irishman and a Saxon German. Quite a combination, don't you think?

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Ubiquity – Cool New Firefox Addin

September 8th, 2008 2 comments

This is a cool new addin that allows you to access data nearly instantly when you are anywhere on the Internet with just a couple keystrokes. Check out how you can use it with the English Standard Version of the Bible.

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Twitter is a Waste of Bandwidth

September 7th, 2008 7 comments

As of today I joyfully canceled my Twitter account. No more twitting or tweeting for me. I found it to be the ultimate expression of Internet silliness. I highly do not recommend it to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Here is a great article on Twitter-hate. And here's a spot-on excerpt:

Why do we think we’re so important that we
believe other people want to know about what we’re having for lunch,
how bored we are at work or the state of inebriation we happen to be at
this very moment in time? How did society get to the point that we are
constantly improving technology so that this non-news can reach others
even faster than a cell phone, a text message, a blog, our Facebook

no blaming Generation Y for that. Blame their parents, those
touchy-feely post boomers who piled on the praise and positive
reinforcement, lest they bruise little Dylan or Madison’s budding self
esteem. It’s Mom and Dad who awarded gold stars and iMacs every time
their precious progeny engaged in the most mundane of child
development. Why should they or the rest of us gape in horror at the
next generation posting itself naked on the Internet (both literally
and metaphorically). Twitter is just the latest development in the
biggest generation gap since rock n’ roll invented teenagers.

blame Paris Hilton. She’s always good in a pinch. Twitter, then, is the
latest evidence of the Paris Hiltoning of America. Twitter is always
on, always looked at, and at a 140 character limit, doesn’t have the
capacity to be either deep or meaningful.

Oh well. Who gets hurt?

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The God Whisperers

August 24th, 2008 2 comments

If you get a chance, and I hope you do, pay a visit to a new Internet radio program called The God Whisperers. It is fun to listen to, but more than that, helpful and a good teaching resource.

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Early African Chrisianity — A New Web Site

April 16th, 2008 1 comment

I was made aware today of an interesting new web site, from the publishers of the Ancient Christian Commentary series: Early African Christianity. I think you will find it interesting.


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Lutheran Wiki

April 11th, 2008 2 comments

I found this on the Internet and it looks interesting, a Lutheran Wiki. Already there are some very handy charts, timelines and collections of on-line resources. Check it out when you have a chance. While there are certain dangers to be aware of with a Wiki, I think this does look promising.

But, I leave you with Michael Scott’s comments on Wikipedia, as fair warning:

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The Journeys of St. Paul in Google Maps

March 29th, 2008 Comments off

This is pretty cool. Somebody has traced out the journeys of Paul and overlayed it on the Google map functions, so you can see them by regular map, by terrain, and even, the coolest one, the satellite view where you can see the actual land forms, and features. Check it out here.


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Journeys of St. Paul via Google Maps

December 15th, 2007 1 comment

Here is a really great resource: a person has created, with Google maps, the journeys of St. Paul. You can view the journeys in various ways, including the "terrain view" which will let you see the topography of where St. Paul went.

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Ridiculing Christianity is Acceptable in the USA

October 30th, 2007 5 comments

Imagine the outcry if a blatantly racist photo of whites with blacks was used as cover art on a pop star’s new CD. Or, consider if the photos would show the pop star in various stages of undress with a person portraying the Prophet Muhammad. Or, what if the pop star was featured in jack books and a swastika on the arm herding Jews toward a a death camp train? The howls of protest would deafen us. But, when Briney Spears, the drug/booze addicted tramp poses semi-nude on the lap of a man dressed as a Roman Catholic priest, in a confessional, and sprawls suggestively against a confessional, this is considered appropriate and acceptable in American culture today. What this person lacks in talent, morals, virtue or character, she must now make up for by choosing the most sensational sort of cover album art. And even more pathetic is that the American media gives this attention. Dumb and dumber. Sick and sicker. And the thing most sad of all is that there are some Christians out there who actually believe it is "ok" for them to "enjoy" this kind of visual and auditory raunch and filth. Blind leading the blind. Advice to Christian parents: be sure to monitor what is on your children’s iPods. Check the titles, then look up the lyrics. Better safe than sorry.

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Great Reference Meta-Site

January 30th, 2007 1 comment

The Internet is a great resource, but there is so much information out there and so many places to look, at times one hardly knows where to begin. Here is a great web site that provides a lengthy catalog of reference sites on the Internet. And here is a site that has a number of college level courses on video, along with other reference sites.

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“Facebook” and “MySpace” … so, what are they?

December 5th, 2006 6 comments

So, not wanting to be left in the cyber-dust, I’ve created a Facebook and Myspace page. Now what? What are these things? My son loves them. How do people keep up on all this electronic communication? If we want to reach out with the Gospel, can we afford not to reach the masses with every form of mass communication possible? Your thoughts?

Paul T. McCain's Facebook profile

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November 19th, 2006 4 comments

I receive a lot of Internet rumors, myths, legends and what-not. One reason I moderate comments on Cyberbrethren is to prevent the site from being overwhelmed by an unbelievable amount of junk. The more hits a site get, the more it become a target for spam.

Sadly, many Christians who use the Internet fall for just about any heart-tugging story that comes down the pike. Most recently, there has been one about a soldier in Iraq. These are called "urban legends." Urban legends are rumors, either entirely untrue, or based on a few facts, but otherwise hokum. How many years have we had to endure the urban legend that a band of atheists is on the brink of winning a Supreme Court decision banning all religious program from the airwaves? etc.

Please do yourself, and all those to whom you send e-mail a favor, never, ever…ever…send forwarded "sob stories" along to others unless you first check them out at

I’ve been using "Snopes" for years. It is the best defense against Internet myths.

When in doubt check Snopes. Hint: always be in doubt!

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Turning the Pages™, the British Library

January 12th, 2006 Comments off

Now this is about the coolest web site I’ve ever seen…you need the Shockwave plug-in installed to get the full effect. Enjoy!

Link: Turning the Pages™, the British Library.

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