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If You’re Not on Facebook, It’s Time to Get Over Yourself

May 12th, 2011 34 comments

This is a great article, from Gizmodo.

Facebook has over half a billion users. Almost everyone I know uses it. I use it. You probably use it. But ubiquity isn’t equal to universality. Everyone knows one of those self righteous Facebook abstainers. Social media luddites. Pushing aside modern society in favor of a purer lifestyle, devoid of pokes, tags, and feeds. Defenders of something more natural and independent than Zuckerberg’s friendship hive.

Except really, these people aren’t defending anything except antisocial, extremely annoying behavior. And if you’re one of them—you need to stop.

I will grant you this: Facebook, much like Twitter, has a lot that sucks about it. A tremendous amount. You’re exposed to inane human behavior on a scope and volume unprecedented in the history of mankind. And yes, there are privacy eyebrow-raises that are warranted—it’s a little weird that people I barely know anymore see where I work, where I live, and who I’m talking to. And there’s plenty of crap. Pokes from creepy people. Photos of idiots. Moronic comments. Racism. All the worst parts about our species, sandwiched between poorly-targeted banner ads.

And yet, Facebook is a spectacular tool.

Facebook is the most important way we touch our friends online, period. Birthdays, parties, Passover seders, graduations—they’re all organized on Facebook. Wedding photos, baby photos, stupid college parties photos you’re nostalgic about already—they’re all on Facebook. Everyone you might still care about in your life, despite distance, work, stress, money, and time—they’re (mostly) all on Facebook. And all there to grasp, with the most minimal of effort. Really. Just click a bunch. If you care about any of these things—socializing, memories, friendships—you should be using Facebook, in spite of all its sour, vexing flaws.

Basically, if you don’t like Facebook, it sounds to me like you don’t like your friends. And what kind of terrible person doesn’t like friends? Even Hitler had friends.

If you don’t believe me, believe history. Remember those self righteous morons who took such groundless pride in not having a cell phone? Ten years ago, those people were left behind. Sure, we liked them. But they became annoying to get a hold of, forcing you to go out of your way to be friends with them because they labelled some new technology as beneath them without even taking the time to understand it. They didn’t want to learn how modern friendship had evolved. They choose to look at a brand new social tool as a hindrance rather than a convenience. This is all happening again, but with Facebook.

So, don’t be that grouch in 2011 who misses out on connecting with the rest of the world because you’d rather sound like a 21st century rebel; some sort of obnoxious pseudo-Thoreau, whose Walden is just an empty computer and a lonely life.

Use Facebook. Even sparingly. And not because Facebook doesn’t suck. But because your friends are completely awesome.

Great Spoof on Social Media

October 25th, 2010 1 comment

Facebook Will Reach 500 Million Users This Week: What Does This Mean?

July 18th, 2010 6 comments

My first computer was a Macintosh IIc, which my wife and I purchased just before I started my vicarage in 1986. Oh, how I loved that little machine. I taught myself “basic” just enough to wow and amaze myself with my programming prowess, which means, I could hardly do anything. Then I learned how to program in hypertext, and had fun modifying some hypertext desktops for myself. Wow, amazing. In the next year, we purchased a Macintosh SE, and at that point, I started using “e-mail” and got on Genie as our Internet service. There were a few forums. It was all very primitive. Then, when I moved down to St. Louis to serve as an assistant to the president, e-mail became more widely used. But, the majority of all contacts made with the President’s Office were still in the form of paper letters. I had to learn how to use a dictating machine and I had a secretary who helped me assist Dr. Barry with the voluminous amounts of letters we received every week. Dr. Barry made it a point, personally, to read and review and sign every letter/answer we sent. Nothing left the office without his attention. Stacks of letters. Every week. There were e-mails, but they were few compared to the letters.

Fast forward to today.

Now, if I receive two letters, a week, that’s unusual. Junk mail? Sure, loads of it. People using actual physical letters to communicate? Rare, very rare. It’s all e-mail, well, only sort of. Enter Facebook. I would say that 30-35% of contacts I receive are coming through via Facebook, and because anyone can send you a message on Facebook, “friend” or not, anyone using Facebook can send you a message. But there’s something more about Facebook, the contacts are much more personal, conversational, relational. Facebook has revolutionized the nature of communications via the Internet. It is like having a friendly phone chat, much more than any other communication medium has been.

All of which is to say, this week Facebook will hit 500 Million Users. Read that again. 500 million. Again, my respectful encouragement is for pastors to incorporate Facebook into how they communicate and as a way to reach people.

The Facebook Phenomenon

May 14th, 2010 5 comments

Facebook: What You Probably Didn't Know
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Is Social Media Just a Fad?

May 8th, 2010 4 comments

Just a fad? Watch this and then tell me what you think.

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